Crisis in the Ad Industry

How can a brand successfully communicate its value proposition on a media saturated world where thousands of brands are fighting for an ever-smaller part of consumers’ attention? As Seth Godin puts it “marketers’ challenge is to persuade consumers to volunteer their attention”.

Netflix and Adblock are no symptoms of the crisis in advertising, they are antidotes to the saturation, solutions to shut down the noise for a while , a brave new advertising free experience.

Viewability of video ads is a big topic these days as nobody wants to pay for an ad that’s never actually seen by a human. A study conducted by Google found just 54% of video ads on average across the web are viewable (the industry standard for a viewable video impression is that 50% of an ad’s pixels are visible on the screen for two consecutive seconds or more).

If you are a brand manager investing in digital marketing I don’t have to tell you about Facebook engagement benchmark and Twitter organic reach, I’m sure you have seen the low response to brand activations. The only solution is to magically become viral! But what makes a post go viral? Well nobody knows. In my personal experience I see less and less brands authoring truly organic popular content. Only in the Ad Industry awards and social media seminars we hear about these said very successful business cases.

I could continue pointing out the big challenges the advertising industry is facing but let me better propose an alternative plan for your killer product: activate consumers to experience it and fall in love with your company’s hard work. Let them, your brand ambassadors, do a massive sampling and seed the web and social networks with their honest opinion.

Investment in Word-of-Mouth marketing pays off that’s why big brands are shifting their marketing mix to permanently integrate WoM in their plans.


Francisco Amigo @theinsidersnet