Philips Wake-up Light


Explain and demonstrate the working of the new Philips Wake-up Light, in order to get a better understanding why it’s a more effective way to wake up.


Activating our Insiders to spread the message with creative talktools and educating consumers on how the human sleep cycle really works. We sparked quality, in depth conversations amongst friends, family and colleagues. The advocacy campaign was combined with a demo-tour in railway stations, where early birds could exchange their old alarm clock for the new Philips Wake-up light.


  • 224K

    face-to-face reach

  • 8min

    Average conversation time

  • 24K

    peer-to-peer demo & sampling

  • 339K

    private social media reach

  • 459

    Online Reviews were generated  of which 178 Online reviews within predefined universe of 5 key websites