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by | Feb 1, 2019 | Digital Health

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What is it that makes the male shopper tick? We will explore 3 interesting insights into the habits of the male shopper within the luxury product category to help maximize your shopper marketing efforts this Valentine’s day. 

Men Shop Online

Recent shopper data compiled by shows that unsurprisingly both men and woman tend to do most of their shopping online from laptops, but we also see a slight increase in men who are also more likely to shop from their smart phone (45% of men vs 34% of woman). When shopping online, content is of the utmost importance. 

Men Consult Online Reviews with Content 

It comes as no surprise that shoppers heavily rely on online reviews to make a purchase decision. In fact, a 2018 Google study found that online reviews were the 3rd most important aspect in making a purchase decision. 31% of shoppers polled ranked online reviews as the most important driver of purchase, ranked just after quality and price of a product. What’s perhaps more surprising is what men look for in a product review. A study conducted by Pew Research Center found that 62% of men vs. 50% of women, primarily consult reviews with video or photo content.  From our Insiders activations, we’ve found that when we generate reviews with UGC (picture and/or video) we see not only an increase in sales conversion, but also a positive impact on the search algorithm of the website. 

Men Shop at The Last Minute 

Positioning the timing of your marketing strategy can be as important as the execution itself. In a study conducted by Loop Commerce, research shows that a significant number of male shoppers wait until the last minute to buy gifts, some even procrastinate past the actual holiday. In 2018, 38% of purchases made between 12/25 and 12/31 were belated holiday gifts, and the majority of these late shoppers were men. 

The last minute timing of a gift purchase also has a significant effect on the amount the male gift giver is willing to spend. According to Loop Commerce, of these late purchases, 20% had a higher average order value. So, when planning out your marketing strategy don’t pull back too soon, as extending your activations just past Valentine’s Day could prove beneficial to your brand.

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