5 Things to Know About Gen Z Consumers

by | Oct 26, 2019 | Digital Health

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How do you craft a digital marketing strategy for the first generation of true digital natives?

From their earliest youth Gen Z – born between 1995 and 2010- have grown up in a world heavily influenced by the internet, social media and mobile networks. This digitally robust upbringing has a strong impact on how they digest information. Understanding these 5 important insights to how Gen Zers participate in the marketplace can help you get a leg up on winning them to your brand.

  1. Despite their age, don’t underestimate their influence 

Gen Zers are well educated on consumerism and possess a strong knowledge of the tools available to them to research brands before making a purchase decision. Marketeers should be aware that they are often the ones who advise how and where their elders shop and influence the brands and products they buy. 

  1. They want the truth

Gen Z is constantly searching for authenticity. They value individual identity and dialogue from real consumers to learn from other points of view and reject stereotypes. They want to see real models on the catwalk and no photoshop in advertisements. They are well educated about brand realities and culture. If a brand advertises acceptance but lacks diversity within its own ranks, for example, that contradiction will be noticed. Genuine recommendations from friends are their most trusted source for learning about products and brands.

  1. They are raised in a global world, and have no boundaries 

Gen Z is raised with the world at their fingertips. Community sites or games enable you to meet likeminded people, no matter where they live, giving this generation a greater reach than any other before it. This also means, that Gen Z’s might have more in common with same-aged people on the other side of the world, than with their neighbor.

  1. They want security 

Gen Z emerged during 9/11 and the market crash and came of age in a time of uncertainty. As a result, they are in a constant search for stability, marrying young at a higher rate, and relying on their own entrepreneurial endeavors for income rather than working a traditional job. Compared to previous generations, they are also more pessimistic, realistic, and conscious about how the choices they make impact the future.

  1. They need targeted approach

Gen Zers are digitally driven, and tend to do most of their shopping online rather than in traditional brick and mortars. This means that marketeers must carefully craft a targeted digital approach to be seen by this generation of consumers. Having a strong online presence and impactful digital health strategy is imperative to reach this influential group of consumers.   

Winning Gen Z to your brand can prove imperative to cornering the market on influential consumers. Once we as marketeers gain a better understanding of this important generation, we can learn to speak their language and develop a marketing strategy that speaks directly to them. At the Insiders, we believe that people trust people, and our robust community made up of consumers across all generations is ready to advocate for your brand with genuine product recommendations and authentic user content. For more information on tailoring your online presence request a proposal at abouttheinsidersnet.com.

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