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by | Feb 12, 2020 | Trends

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The needs and preferences of your consumers change rapidly, and the only way to ensure a full understanding of their behaviors is to stay in contact, keeping the lines of communication open to help shoppers feel heard, and connected to your brand.

According to our syndication partner Bazaar voice: one of the top e-commerce trends of 2020 is the need for brands to connect with consumers. Customers expect a direct line of communication with the brands they follow, and the more touchpoints you can offer, the further you can drive your sales. Brands that open lines of communication to answer consumer questions experienced a 447% higher conversion rate* compared to those who don’t. With an Insiders offering, you can stay connected with your consumers across the following dedicated touchpoints:

  1. Review Feedback and Product Education
  2. My Home Party: in-home product demonstration and consumer events
  3. Email and Phone Product Support
  4. In-Person Conversations with Brand Advocates
  5. Bi-Weekly Blog Posting and Product Discussion
  6. Social Media Posting and Interaction

With the Insiders strategy, we not only ensure your digital health, but we also offer a variety of different touchpoints to connect consumers to your brand. To find out more visit us at about.theinsidersnet.com.

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