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by | Oct 4, 2019 | Digital Health

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It’s officially October, and as everyone is thinking of pumpkin spice and jack-o-lanterns, we as marketers already have Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the brain. How can we capitalize on this pivotal consumer holiday? How can we get our product to stand out and drive significant sales? The simple answer: an effective online review strategy. But not all online review plans are created equal, and while a high number of five-star reviews may initially give your average rating a boost, it may in fact have the inverse effect of raising a warning flag for today’s savvy consumers who are looking for authenticity. 

Here are the three questions you should ask before implementing your Black Friday plan: 

Will my review campaign deliver credible content? 

Customers are seeking real stories and product experiences to assist with making important purchase decisions. In a recent four-week campaign for a leading pet care brand in the UK, Insiders shopper influencers produced 290 quality reviews with an average of two images per reviewer.  The brand’s reviews outperformed competitors during the campaign and earned top 10 placement on Google search. 

Can I measure customer acquisition and sales lift?

Hyper targeted micro influencers break barriers other media can’t break. Micro influencers have 70-85% conversion to purchase, compared with 4% for Macro influencers. This results in a higher conversion to purchase and more new consumers than any other media. For the previously mentioned pet care brand, The Insiders was able to measure +80 Net Promoter Score increase, and 9-12% sales lift during the campaign. 

Will this program deliver advocacy at scale?

Loyal brand advocates deliver higher purchase rate and frequency, by building a community of active promoters fueling brand growth through trusted recommendations face to face and online. This Word of Mouth promotion is key in influencing sales further along the path to purchase than traditional media. 

Authentic consumer generated content is invaluable for capturing attention and building trust with your customers. A well-planned online review program will deliver usable content and measurable results while building your brand’s credibility, and it’s imperative to strike now to be ready for the Black Friday rush. For more information on how to craft an earned influencer strategy with key milestones and measurable results this quarter, request a proposal and let’s talk about how The Insiders can increase your product’s reach. 

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