Case Studies

Consumer Electronics


Increase awareness and consideration for Samsung Gear IconX.


We executed six touchpoints to individually engage highly-targeted Insiders. We employed intensive community management and one-on-one coaching to stimulate their interaction with the product...

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5 Lessons on Breaking Brand Barriers to Acquire Advocates

by Bjorn Vandemeulebroucke

The Insiders - Managing Director, Americas

Leading global brands are keen in deploying consumer education to break barriers, specially the toughest ones, relevance, credibility, and superiority...

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What Makes Us Insiders

A few words about our company culture and values at The Insiders

By Bjorn Cassier, CEO

These are exciting times at The Insiders. New Insiders from all over the world join our community every day at a record pace...

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News Stories

The Insiders Announces International Expansion

Leading global marketing agency opens new offices in the PAC region

MIAMI, FL – (THE INSIDERS) – March 26, 2018 – The Insiders, the leading global influencer network, announces today international expansion into the PAC region...

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