Case Studies

Consumer Electronics

Goal Increase awareness and consideration for Samsung Gear IconX. Activation We executed six touchpoints to individually engage highly-targeted Insiders. We employed intensive community management and one-on-one coaching to stimulate their interaction with the product...

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Building Brand Equity in the Era of Consumer Reviews

by Rose Lugo Consumer reviews sell, no question about it. As a result, marketers are ever more pressured to produce them, but face several challenges in doing so. Many agencies and platforms promise brand marketers reviews at scale, which only addresses part of the problem...

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News Stories

The Insiders Open for Business in Japan

MIAMI, FL – (THE INSIDERS) – Sep 20, 2018 – The Insiders, the leading global influencer network, announces entry into the Japanese market. Japan is a dynamic market with a thriving consumer retail and e-commerce landscape—all of which represent a great potential for activating The Insiders’ shopper-to-shopper influencer marketing solutions...

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