What Makes Us Insiders

What Makes Us Insiders

A few words about our company culture and values at The Insiders

By Bjorn Cassier, CEO

These are exciting times at The Insiders. New Insiders from all over the world join our community every day at a record pace. Our international team of skilled and passionate marketers is growing exponentially. We are now present in over 40 countries, having recently made important inroads into Asia-Pacific. Above all, what fuels our work, our clientele of leading brands continues to expand globally.

As we stretch ourselves to embrace new challenges, we must keep focus on our core values. They are the four fundamental beliefs upon which The Insiders is built: to be client-centric, to be innovators, to be global, and to be humble.


We have a strong commitment to our clients worldwide. We are partners who proactively seek to understand our clients’ pain-points, delivering measurable results aligned with their internal metrics. We are result-oriented and our main goal is to solve our clients’ problems. In practical terms, this means that we are where our clients need us to be; we provide third-party verified ROI analysis; and we make all effort to surpass the KPIs for every campaign.


Media is uber-fragmented. Shoppers are more than ever in control of their media consumption. Effective brand marketing looks very different today that it did a short decade ago. Our industry changes in a frenetic pace. At The Insiders, we are in the forefront of industry trends.

We understand that we need to empower shoppers to build trusted brands. We embrace technology without losing sight that as marketers we are indeed in the people business. We are laser-focused on new ways of creating emotional connections between consumers and brands. We are constantly on the lookout for new perspectives to adopt breakthrough tactics that will deliver the results our clients need.


The Insiders embodies diversity. Our global identity enables us to efficiently execute locally, and seamlessly expand activations internationally to satisfy client demand. We are able to leverage best practices from different local markets in a global scale. We think macro because most of our clients operate across countries.


At The Insiders we cultivate a spirit of team-work and collaboration. We are humble because we recognize that our individual success is the result of a team effort. Most importantly, at the end of the day, we are just as successful as our clients are. It is never about ourselves, but about the value brands drive from our work.

Our People

Our people are what makes working at The Insiders such a great experience. I am privileged to work alongside such inspiring professionals. I am also in awe of how amazing our community is. Insiders are creative, opiniated, insightful, and most of all fun. Success of our activation is in large part due to their eagerness to test products and enthusiasm in sharing their reviews. The Insiders has afforded me a fantastic journey. I cannot wait to what the future will bring. Onward and upward!