1. Recruit Targeted Ambassadors through tailored strategy. The Insiders are able to segment our large community via specific entry surveys to ensure your targeted demographics are met. We hand pick a team of ambassadors to advocate for your brand helping you to control the message surrounding your product.

2. Promote Education and Highlight Key Features. Our dedicated one-on-one coaching process helps break education barriers and prevents false informantion in product reviews. In a recent office electronics activation, our Insiders seeded 61 online reviews with an average 4.7 star rating and 62+ word count increase, leading to an increase of 6 Google SERP hits.

3. Seed High Volume Reviews. Review volume matters. Consumers are 29% more likely to purchase a product with a 4 star vs. 5 star rating if the 4 star rated product has a higher number of reviews. In a recent office electronics activation we seeded 107 genuine reviews online and a 4.7 average rating.

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