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Obiettivo Aumentare awareness e considerazione di Samsung Gear IconX. Activation Abbiamo messo in atto sei touchpoints per ingaggiare singolarmente Insiders iper-targettizzati. Abbiamo attivato un community management intensivo, ed un coaching one-on-one per stimolare l’interazione con il prodotto...

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Why SPAs Aren’t Effective and What You Should Be Doing Instead

SPA or Sponsored Product Ads used to be the go to solution for e-commerce product exposure, but the system has proven to be flawed in a major way. When brands, retailers, and third party advertisers execute a SPA strategy, they all do so with differing objectives in mind...

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The Insiders Open for Business in Japan

MIAMI, FL – (THE INSIDERS) – Sep 20, 2018 – The Insiders, the leading global influencer network, announces entry into the Japanese market. Japan is a dynamic market with a thriving consumer retail and e-commerce landscape—all of which represent a great potential for activating The Insiders’ shopper-to-shopper influencer marketing solutions...

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