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by | Jul 16, 2019 | Digital Health

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The Consumer Technology Association just announced that U.S. consumer tech online shopping sales will surpass the $400 billion milestone in 2019; citing wearables and smart devices as the emerging technologies for focused sales growth; and laptops, TVs and smartphones among the key revenue drivers.

Today’s omnichannel shopper is using multiple sources and product review sites to research before purchasing electronics. Leveraging online reviews and engaged brand shopper advocates will make the difference in tapping into this record-breaking revenue.

Quality reviews from real customers

In a recent Insiders wearable tech activation, an average of 2.5 images were posted per Insider, and the average character count per review was just over 1,000 characters. Through targeted engagement and education, we were able to provide our client with thoughtful and detailed online reviews from everyday users. The combination of product reviews with user generated content in the form of images and videos, is key for lifting sales via valuable organic SEO boost and helpful to the overall shopper experience.  

Word of Mouth network

Once a consumer has taken the time to write a thoughtful product review, they are more compelled to continue sharing their experience as a shopper advocate, acting as a product influencer in other areas. During a recent home tech campaign 30% of Insiders posted a video to YouTube in addition to their e-commerce platform review, and some Insiders reported joining the brand’s product forums to continue talking about the TV. Many of our Insiders have become micro-influencers; loyal to a brand and intent on sharing their experiences on social media, e-commerce platforms, YouTube and within their own circle of friends and family.

Electronics buyers do not have a linear path to purchase. They may spend time researching online, visiting a store to check out features, and engaging on e-commerce platforms and forums to ask questions. A strong online review strategy involving educated promotors will ensure these consumers are finding, and purchasing your brand.

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