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by | May 29, 2019 | Digital Health

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Step 1: Improve your brand’s Digital Health  

With most consumer sales moving to the ecommerce space, it’s important to perfect your image online with a tactical digital health strategy to increase your shopper frequency. Several factors attribute to your brands digital health. For instance, search engine optimization or SEO, review rating and quantity, number of net promoters you’ve earned, and the presence of UGC your customers have contributed all reflect on the digital health of your brand. Generating authentic UGC for your brand with photos, videos, and testimonials from real customers, helps give shoppers a true feel for the product before they buy. 

Step 2: Create a robust shopper experience to mimic that of the in store face to face experience

According to the latest consumer report conducted by Neilson, e-commerce is taking over the majority of the FMCG market, but it’s important to remember that brick and mortar stores still play a large role in the shopper experience. Rather than focusing on one sales channel or the other, it’s time we begin developing new ideas to merge both channels into the full shopper experience. In an activation conducted by The Insiders in the consumer electronics category, we partnered with our client to recruit net promoters in store, to generate UGC for the brand online, giving them a connection to the brand not only in store, but also engaging them to participate in the e-commerce space. Creating an omni-channel shopping experience is imperative to driving sales across the full spectrum of the retail spaces. 

Step 3: Eliminate “click to buy” hesitation through genuine education and sharing of product knowledge

By collecting genuine testimonials from your existing customers, you can gain insights into how people are using your products. This data allows brands to market their products more strategically, and properly educate potential shoppers to better highlight their uses and benefits. In the e-commerce space, shoppers are unable to touch and feel the products they are buying, while the in store experience often leaves little room for collecting research and genuine product testimonials. When both channels are combined brands can fully educate the shopper on the product, allowing for proper expectations to be set and ensuring the best possible consumer experience from initial discovery, all the way through to repeat purchase. 

Ensuring your brands digital health and discovering ways to integrate it into a full omni channel shopper experience will not only drive sales to your brand but ensure shopper frequency through genuine recommendations and multi-channel product education. For more information on how The Insiders can help you create unique omni channel shopper experiences, or for help improving your brand’s digital health request a proposal today.

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