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by | Jan 8, 2020 | Trends

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Direct-to-consumer or DTC is a form of e-commerce that involves a direct transaction between the manufacturer and consumers, often enabled through mobile and digital channels, that allows brands in sectors such as FMCG and food to cut out the retailer ‘middlemen’. However, without retailer support, DTC brands can face many obstacles that can hurt their bottom line. A dedicated review approach can be just the solution to any DTC brand’s key purchase barriers.

BARRIER: Low reputability of emerging DTC brands

INSIDERS SOLUTION: Build credibility through genuine recommendations from real consumers. In a recent Insiders activation with a DTC brand, we generated over 614k online impressions.

BARRIER: Lack of online presence and visibility for DTC brands

INSIDERS SOLUTION: Increased SEO impact and reach through educated review syndication with targeted keywords. In a recent Insiders activation, we achieved 5 Google Top 10 hits for our client’s DTC brand.

BARRIER: Consumers cannot touch and feel the product prior to purchase

INSIDERS SOLUTION: Authentic UGC seeded online to highlight details of the product. Recently, our Insiders generated 746 authentic reviews and 1426 user product photos online.

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