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by | Jul 9, 2019 | Digital Health, Smart Reviews, Trends, UGC

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SPA or Sponsored Product Ads used to be the go to solution for e-commerce product exposure, but the system has proven to be flawed in a major way. When brands, retailers, and third party advertisers execute a SPA strategy, they all do so with differing objectives in mind. 

In order to activate a SPA strategy, brands must enlist the services of third party advertisers or DSP (Demand Side Platforms) to manage the allocated budgets and syndicate the sponsored ads on various retailer websites. This disconnect often hinders strategic planning, and brands are unable to effectively target retailers who provide the highest ROI for their brand, with their marketing budgets at the mercy of the DSP and the retailers they seed to.

So, what’s the alternative solution to SPA? 

A review strategy that utilizes SEO, in which brands can control the targeted e-commerce sites. 

The Insiders’ unique review strategy not only promotes the use of specific key words in your reviews but can also organically earn your product a spot on the front page of the retailer sites you choose, up to 5 e-commerce platforms within a single activation. The outcome? Greater ROI and organic front page product placement on various retailer sites activated. 

In a recent Insiders activation, we worked with a brand that previously utilized SPA to buy their products a tagged sponsored spot on the first page of a popular e-commerce retailer site. Within a 5 week activation, the brand was able to effectively end this run on their SPA and still maintain their front page product placement organically without a sponsored tag, due to the implementation of a SEO review strategy with The Insiders. At end of program activation, both products tested moved from sponsored spots to the #3 and #6 spots organically.

If you’re interested in our results or looking for a greater ROI and more control in your brand’s Digital Health initiatives, request a proposal and let’s talk about how The Insiders can increase your product’s reach, and likelihood of a sale.

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