Power of Online Reviews in Australia – Full report

by | Sep 13, 2023


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Online Reviews wield immense influence over consumer choices, especially in Australia. Our team embarked on a comprehensive study, engaging over 300 Australian shoppers, to unveil the profound impact of Reviews. The insights we’ve gathered are not just informative but also actionable, offering valuable strategies to enhance e-commerce conversion rates.

Here are the key highlights from our study:

Online Shopping Boom

The pandemic has led to a significant surge in online shopping, with 88% of Australian consumers now actively making online purchases.

Trust in Reviews

Online Reviews play a pivotal role in consumer decision-making. A staggering 84% of consumers regularly consult reviews before buying a product.

Quantity and Quality

Consumers typically read between 4 to 10 Reviews before deciding. Brands should aim to accumulate a minimum of 50 Reviews per product, particularly in high-involvement categories, to boost conversion rates.

Product Ratings Matter

Products with Ratings below 3.5 stars are often avoided by consumers, highlighting the importance of maintaining a positive product rating.

Verified Buyer Reviews

Consumers trust Reviews from verified buyers, with a majority considering them crucial in shaping purchase decisions.

Local Reviews Preferred

More than 60% of consumers trust Reviews from fellow Australians over Reviews from other countries.

In a world where consumers seek guidance from their peers, online Reviews emerge as the currency of trust. This is why, brands must embrace a proactive Review Marketing strategy. The focus should be on not just gathering more Reviews but elevating their quality and authenticity. At The Insiders, we advocate for an “Always On” approach to Reviews, a strategy that not only builds trust but also drives higher conversion rates.

For a deeper dive into our study, feel free to read our full report here.